Sunday, April 19, 2009


git yr sweat on at The Midway Cafe
3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain
Doors at 9p Show at 930p, 8 bucks 21+
Get $3 off if you show a ticket stub from The Network/La Red's Anniversary Event

This month we are doing a 2nd Neighborhood event! Gunner and D'hana are so excited to throw this party, cuz we've been tummie achin' to bring live rock and electro back to The Neighborhood. There were so many bands and artists wanting to play here, that we thought it would be fun to dedicate a special night to live performance. The Shondes, Nicky Click, The Astrogasms, and The New Possibilities + DJ D'hana will spin after the show with some fresh music.

This is a space for all queer and trans folks... we like mixed up spaces and so should you! Always LGBT people of color, femme, butch, gender variant, fairy, leather, Bear, CD, Bi friendly and all queers. For more information, visit

The Shondes
Amazing queer rock from NYC.

Nicky Click
Electro beats on tour.

The Astrogasms
of Secret Cock & Pelvic Circus.

The New Possibilities
Covering the greatest hits of the 80s, 90s & today.

About the Bands

The Shondes (taking their name from the Yiddish word for "shame" or "disgrace") are a band from Brooklyn, NY whose dramatic brand of rock music has been compared to Sleater-Kinney, Patti Smith and The Raincoats. Their instrumentation includes drums (Temim Fruchter), bass
(Louisa Solomon), guitar (Fureigh) and violin (Elijah Oberman) and vocals (primarily Solomon).

The Shondes are known for their melodic rock sound and a live show that explodes with energy. Their music draws from feminist punk, classical and Jewish music, which combine to create songs that are often both heartbreaking and hopeful. They bring an infectious urgency
to their live performances that gets audiences on their feet and singing along.

NickyClick is a producer, songwriter and video artist based out of
Durham, NH. The Nicky Click is the physical manifestation of one woman who focused on capturing, preserving, and making into song; the experiences and feelings of those who passed through her world. She has been described as a Sexy, fun, dreamy, mysterious queer.

The Astrogasms
Former members of Secret Cock & Pelvic Circus come together to rock and converge on the queer music.

The New Possibilities is a rockin’ , energetic cover band from Massachusetts, consisting of 4 veterans of the Boston music scene. Bass player Pam Kerensky, and guitarist Erin Murphy-Dunn have played together in the original band Juniper’s Daughter for many years and Julie Sweeney has been performing around town as a singer/songwriter for quite some time as well. Drummer Kari Paisley-Flango has played in a multitude of music projects, including a 5 year stint with the original band, Default Outfit , her own solo drumming gigs, and currently also subs with the funk/disco cover band, Booty Vortex. The New Possibilities was born out of friendship, a mutual love for music, and the need for FUN.